Victoria Ovdenko About


Life events

:: Born
on 18th of January in the year of fire dragon in the city of Simferopol, administrative center of the Crimea - a small beautiful peninsula in the southern part of Ukraine
(See map and photos).

:: Graduated
from Tavrichesky National University (Ukraine) in 1999 with degree in Applied mathematics.

:: Visited South India
Stayed for 5 mohths in Bangalore in 2003
(see Letters from India (RU) and pictures).

:: Visited North America
Visited several time Washington DC and Chicago during 2003-2006
(see My travelogues (RU) and pictures).

:: United Kingdom
Since 2007 I live in London, UK
(see My travelogues (RU) and pictures).

Languages Known

:: Russian - native
:: Ukrainian - almost native ;)
:: English - fluently
:: Spanish - very beginner :)

Job & Profession

:: Since 1998 worked in computer graphical design and programming (in Java).
:: Current position - Software engineer & Project manager.


:: Photography
I enjoy taking artistic pictures as well as photos of common life events
(see my portfolio on site and my personal photo album).

:: Travelling
I like hiking, visiting new countries & exploring new cultures
(see my latest travelogues (RU) and some impressions from India (RU)).

:: Reading books
on different subjects - philosophy (especially eastern), religion, world cultures, classical literature and poetry.

:: Learning Spanish language

:: Listening to music
instrumental, New Age, classical, rock ballads.

:: Eastern technics and arts
Yoga and Tai Chi

:: Past hobbies
:: Playing guitar and piano
:: Poetry - composing verses

...More my hobbies in depth on the next page...

My Friends

:: Links to my friends' pages.

I like...

:: Climate - mild, tropical
:: Landscape - mountains, ocean coast
:: Season - Spring
:: Time of the day - just after sunset
:: Spending free time - in the nature


:: ICQ# 48761861
:: email