Victoria Ovdenko About


For all my life I lived on a small beautiful peninsula with unique nature located in the south of Ukraine - Crimea (see map). There, in the total area of 300x300 km, you can find all sorts of natural and historical landmarks - medieval fortresses, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, rocky beaches and subtropical parks. Naturally, my love to the nature gave birth to my two major hobbies - travelling and photography.

Later my yearning for discovering and capturing new places outgrown that small beautiful piece of land and extended on another countries and continents. I was deeply impressed by unusual tropical nature and peculiar eastern culture of India where I spent 5 months in 2003, then by the might of Niagara falls and other places in northern America.


:: I became interested in photography in 2000
first, as an amateur capturing common life events, and later tending more to the art and conceptual photography. Now my subjects are mainly related to scenes of the nature (but not limited to).

:: My personal photo site contains artistic as well as everyday pictures of nature, people and places taken in different countries - Ukraine, India and USA. Walking around my well-known mountains in the Crimea, I try to find new views on the same places.

:: My best pictures
can be found in my portfolio on


Another hobby is deeply tied to the photography - I enjoy hiking, visiting new countries & exploring new cultures.

:: Hiking, backpacking, driving...
Depending on a country and specific features of places, I chose different ways of travelling - from driving in USA to hiking in the mountains of Ukraine and backpacking with overnight stay in the nature in warm seasons.

:: Visiting India
Whatever I saw before couldn't be compared with experience that I faced in India in 2003. It became in some meaning a turning point in many aspects of my life. During 5 months I visited prominent places in the southern India - Goa, backwaters in Kerala, Bylakuppe - tibetan refugee camp in southern India, met many interesting people.

:: Travelogues site
Whenever I have time I write down my impressions and events in my blog (RU).
Some excerpts from my letters that I sent from India are available on (RU).

Reading books

I enjoy reading books of Hesse, Ekzuperi, Kohelio. I've read a number of books on philosophy (especially eastern), spiritual and religious reading on buddhism, taoism, sufism, native american culture. Poetry is another favorite reading.

Learning new languages

In 2004, after I decided that my English is fairly enough for communication, I decided to learn another language from another linguistic family - Spanish that will be (I hope :)) the 4th spoken language for me taking into consideration Russian and Ukrainian as my native languages.


Since the age of 6 I spent all my childhood learning to play music - first piano and then guitar. Now I enjoy rather listening to music than playing it. I like instrumental (especially guitar) music, Kenny G, New Age (Enigma, Karunesh, Gregorian and others), classical rock, live organ music.


Occasionally overwhelmed by my feelings or impressions, I write verses on different subjects, sometimes they stay unwritten and live just for a couple of minutes in my mind. In any case they're not on this site :).

Eastern technics and arts

I'm doing Yoga regularly at home and once in a while I'm taking Yoga classes and workhops. Also I'm taking Tai Chi classes at the Taoist Tai Chi Society. I enjoy smooth and gentle movements of the Tai Chi that conveys the taoist philosophy and eastern style of life.

Design & Programming

Two other my hobbies are tightly related to my profession - graphical design and programming.