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My web projects

Photo gallery
Artistic as well as everyday pictures of nature, people and places taken in different countries - Ukraine, India and USA.

Travelogues & News (RU)
Events of my day-to-day life and impressions of my hikes, trips and travels undertaken since 2004

Letters from India (RU)
Fragments of my letters from India written in 2003

My portfolio on
My best featured photos uploaded for everyone's critique

Site Map
List of resources available on this site

Travelogues of my Friends

Charming Crimea (RU)
Exciting stories about hikes and trips around Crimean peninsula (Ukraine) by Anatoly Bobichev. His live jornal with latest news and beautiful pictures.

Sergey Romanuik's site (RU)
Photos, stories, humour, information on different subjects on Sergiy Romanuik's personal site.

Donetsk Crimaniaks club (RU)
Photos and stories about walking trips around Crimea.

Eugene Makalish's site about Crimea (RU)
Legends and stories about Crimea.

Live journals of my Friends

deep:code / feel the structure
Roman Porotnikov's live journal - articles on programming and more

Kep's wiki page
Articles and photos by Constantine Potapov

Tranceforming... (RU/ENG)
Live journal of Alex Alexapolsky

Personal photo-blog of Alexey Zinin (RU)
Photo & news of Alexey Zinin from Moldova

Photo galleries of my Friends

Photos from Australia
Pictures of Valya & Sasha from Australia

Kep's photos on
Artistic pictures by Constantine Potapov

Taras's photos on
Photos of Taras Shevchenko

Vitas Zilaitis' photos
Amateur photos of Sevastopol & etc

Equant's GOLD team
Triple Baby Shower celebrated in November 2004 by my colleagues in Equant.

Vova and Nastya's site (RU)
Interesting links on different resources in Internet.

Olya's photos on
Photos of Olga Eismont